Sativa plants are tall and thin with skinnier leaves. These plants are associated with producing cerebral effects, such as feeling energised or reducing anxiety. Increased productivity and creativity are also common with these strains. These stimulating effects make sativa strains popular for daytime use.


Strawberry Cough
Strain Name: Strawberry Cough Type: 85% Sativa Grade: A+ Top...
Super Lemon Haze
Strain Name: Super Lemon Haze Type: 85% Sativa Grade: A+...
Sour Diesel
Strain Name: Sour Diesel Type: Sativa Grade: A++ THC: 26%...
Jack Herer
Strain Name: Jack Herer Type: Sativa Grade: A++ THC: 24.50%...
Green Crack
Strain Name: Green Crack Type: Sativa Grade: A++ THC: 24.50%...
White Widow
Strain Name: White Widow Type: Sativa Grade: A++ THC: 20.50%...
Triple Diesel
Strain Name: Triple Diesel Type: Sativa Grade: A THC: 26.0%...
Big Bud
Strain Name: Big Bud Type: Indica Grade: A++ Top Shelf...
OG Kush
Strain Name: OG Kush Type: Sative/Hybrid Grade: A/B++ Top Shelf...
Strain Name: Trainwreck Type: Sativa Grade: A++ THC: 18% Medical...